Hackathon: MLT Teams


Hi guys,

There is a big hackathon with around 150 participants coming up on 15-17 February. There will be an AI track and I would love to see a couple of MLT teams there, what do you guys think about that? I remember that some of you said they would like to participate in competitions in hackathons, now is a good time! :smiley: I started this thread for people to share ideas and build teams before the actual hackathon (from experience this alone should give us an advantage compared to folks that have to find their teams and agree on an idea on the first hackathon day)

The hackathon is not announced yet but as soon as it’s online I will share the details. I will participate myself with a small team.

Let me know what you think!


I definitely wanna join this!


Thanks for the info, can u share about the detail of information such as a website page?


Interested! Looking forward to the details


Thanks. Personally interesting. Please drop more info.


Interested! Please share more info.


Awesome! :smiley: They have only posted the dates so far, but you can check out last year’s hackathon, probably similar! https://tokyo.hackjunction.com/


I would like to join. Looking for the details.


I’m very interested in taking part. Keep us posted!


Hi guys! They put up the AI track on the website, it’s sponsored by Cogent Labs, but unfortunately very vague in terms of expectations. There is a cash prize of 200.000 Yen. I would suggest if you are interested in participating we should meet at the end of January, build small teams and discuss ideas beforehand, to be able to focus on execution at the hackathon. here’s the link https://tokyo.hackjunction.com/junction-tokyo-2018/2018-tracks/artificial-intelligence/

Who’s in?


That’s a great idea! Let’s do it!


I joined last year’s hackathon in the AI track, tried to build a conversational search engine. Was a nice experience. Would love to join again with MLT members :slight_smile:


Hi everyone! They published more info https://www.facebook.com/events/2024666857613623/


Hi guys! The application deadline for the hackathon is on Jan 31, https://www.facebook.com/events/2024666857613623/

We should start thinking about ideas and building teams!


Hi, I’m on the registration page :slight_smile: I’d like to join the MLT team :slight_smile: when can we meet to discuss about idea?


Perfect! I created a channel on Slack called #junction_hack, please join and let’s meet there to build teams and discuss ideas!