MLT Community Gallery: share your cool stuff with us!


Share with the community anything you’ve created with ML! :sunny: :robot: :nerd_face: :hammer:
It could be anything you like: code, a blog post, a picture, video, a web app.
Some guidelines to get started:

  • Medium is most widely used platform that I know of for technical blog posts but whatever you prefer if fine.
  • Sharing code on github can be done easily using gist. There’s even a gist it extension for notebooks
  • If you have something that’s a WIP (work in progress) and want some feedback mention that in your post
  • Reply to this topic to explain what you did
    @dallarosa @MLT please add any more instructions you feel necessary.

Credit: Borrowed from the forums.


@dallarosa Hope you don’t mind me reposting here.