Publicly Available Machine Learning Datasets


A lot of people might already know about these but here is a list of well known publicly available datasets you can use to play around with, from various sources.

I hope this helps you get started with your Machine Learning journey.

Registry of Open Data on AWS

Amazon provides 101 different types of datasets, raging from terrain tiles, Bird occurences to space imagery.

UCI Machine Learning Dataset Repository

Almost 500 different datasets in many different domains (medicine, physics, finance)

Google Dataset Search Tool

This is Google for Dataset search. No jokes. Literally.

Microsoft Research Open Data

Of course Microsoft also has their own repository of datasets. They are broken down by domain:

Biology, Physics, Social, Sciences, Information Science, Computer Science, Engineering, Healthcare, Environmental Science, Earth Science and Mathematics.


This is a repository focusing only on image datasets: Artwork from the MET, fashion related datasets, you can find it all

Kaggle Datasets

There are a lot (more than 15k) datasets available at Kaggle for you to play with. Below is a small list divided by problem category

Binary Classification

Multiclass Classification



Time Series Analysis

Image Processing

Mapping and Prediction

Large Datasets